Monday, September 29, 2008

MCA 25 Central Committee Members.

With lessthan 2 weeks the 2400 MCA National Delegates will pick thier new leaders , President , Deputy President , 4 Vice Presidents and 25 Central Committee members to lead the party from 2008 to 2011.

In this blog I am more interested to write about the 25 central committee members ( also known as CC members ).

I have travelled to most of the states to attend thier annual state MCA convention and most surprisingly , this time around there will be a lots of Division Chairmen vying for the 25 central committee post and not forgeting the few elected Yang Berhormat will join in the fray too.The fiesta for this positions started when we attended the Johore MCA convention early this Sept., leaflets and name cards of aspiring candidates being distributed freely to all the delegates since then..

Postal letters and sms greeting had also been sent out to all national delegates by those aspiring CC candidates to introduce themselves.

Who should we elect amongst them ?? , should we be voting to those who are familiar to us or to those who always appear in the news..?? Or should we give our vote to those who had contributed a lot to the party in past and with good track records.

Not forgeting that there could be morethan 3 wanita candidates apart from , Dato Yu Chok Tow,Tan Cheng Liang and YB.Senator Heng Seai Kie ( known as the 3 flowers )and from Youth we have Dato Chai Jing Sing , Gan Pin Shiou and Wong Nai Chee who had confirmed to contest the CC members post too.

Also in the fray , MCA state chairmen namely from Pahang State EXCO YB.Dato Hoh Khai Man , Terengganu Senate Yang DiPertua YB.Dato Wong Foon Meng , Sabah Assistant Minister to the Chief Minister YB.Datuk Edward Khoo Keok Hai and Wilayah Dato Tan Chai Ho.

In my opinion , I would like to vote in those who had contributed and willing to serve , not only to our beloved party MCA or at state level but most importantly willing to serve our chinese community and also those who dare to fight the mighty UMNO leaders like Ahmad Ismail etc.. Dare to speak up on ISA abuse and dare to fight for equal justice and equal opportunities to all MALAYSIAN.

And I further asked a few national delegates , who would they vote for and the answer , most of them said that they are not familiar to other state aspiring CC candidates except to those incumbent CC members and those who had visited thier Division in the past.

There was one delegate from Kuala Krai , Chua Seong Hen , who met an aspiring CC candidate ( a Division Chairman ) in Kota Bharu , Kelantan recently and was very surprised when the candidate greeted , Hello Brother long time no see , how are you to Seong Hen but for the last few years the so called brother CC candidate didnot even bothered to greet Seong Hen in the past..Would you vote for this kind of CC candidate..???

As I am from Sabah , I do hope the National Delegates will vote in 2 Central Committee Candidates from Sabah namely, my State Chairman YB.Datuk Edward Khoo Keok Hai and Datuk Chau Tet On in this coming party election.As Sabah is a big state which is as big as the size of Peninsular Malaysia , hence to have 2 CC members to represent us from Sabah seems appropriate.Both of them had serve our community well and a respected community leader in Sabah.

YB.Datuk Edward Khoo is MCA Sabah sole assemblyman and holds the post of Assistant Minister to the Chief Minister of Sabah. His portfolio include taking charge of Dewan Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu , State Health matters , Chinese Schools , Guilds and Temples..

Please kindly VOTE for BOTH of them..Thanking You in advance.

To those aspiring CC candidates I take this oppurtunity here to wish YOU all , Best of Luck...

Fellow National Delegates , VOTE in those who are able to serve NOT only to our beloved party MCA but to OUR Chinese Community...VOTE wisely..

Chow Kor Hor / Run Over River